About Us

The IMCI+ Group International GmbH/LLC is located in Zurich / Switzerland, acts as the Group HQ’s, and delivers management services to the whole structure, in the aspect of Global Development, Marketing, Controlling and Professional Services. It further controls investment and participation.

Our structure’s root goes back to 1998, as the founder and global CEO, Mr. Modesto N Peña, started his career as interim manager and strategic advisor. In 2004 he founded the company in Switzerland as IMC Peña, (Integrated Management Consultancy) as a single proprietorship firm and as a result of his EMBA thesis. In 2010 he launched the group as IMC Intl., initially as a network organization of premium-level professionals, with 16 associates in 10 countries and five business lines.

In 2016, we move the network structure to London and founded 2017, a second company as IMCI+ Investment Services Ltd.

In 2016 and 2018 IMCI+ was shortlisted for nomination as “Best International M&A Advisory Partner – Global 2016 and 2018” by Capital Finance International www.cfi.com. We hold since 2013 two TV shows at the Swiss Financial TV – Dukascopy TV in Geneva.

In 2019, IMCI+ has signed a fiduciary agreement with a Swiss-European Private Equity / VC /Investment structure, which alone is Switzerland closes funding projects in the value of over 1 Billion Euros. Further, we signed a strategic alliance with Brainforce International in Zürich, one of the largest interim solutions providers in Europe.

In 2020, IMCI+ became a syndicate partner of a large group backed by 70 banks and offering XL funding services up to the size of 100 Billion US$. The same year we launched the Joint Venture Investment Partnership Program (JVIPP), offering investment partners joining IMCI+ as shareholders in our new structure.

In 2021 IMCI+ was able to capitalize its structure and preparing its structure around Vision 2025.

Within Vision 2025, IMCI+ has re-established the Corporate HQ’s in Switzerland around the following structure

  • IMCI+ Group International LLC (Corporate / Group Services and Holding)
  • Divisions
  • IMCI+ World Advisors Alliance Ltd (Network)
  • IMCI+ Capital Services (Investment Services, Investment Fund, Project Finance)
  • IMCI+ Consultancy & M&A Services

We are recognized as a member by SECA -  Swiss Private Equity & Corporate Finance Association (SECA) which is the representative body for Switzerland's private equity, venture capital, and corporate finance industries. https://www.seca.ch/.

A further application is in progress and to be recognized by Swiss FINMA and become a member of one of the self-regulatory bodies.  https://www.finma.ch/en.



Vision 2025

We strive daily for becoming a truly international world-class business advisory and financial conglomerate. A respected point of reference to deal with. An organization of passionate professionals making the difference and creating value for all stakeholders.



Through our network structure, we are represented in over 70 countries.