GDPR handling at IMCI Group

IMCI Group has taken all necessary steps to comply to the new regulations, and make sure all clients, associates and third parties privacy information are safe and controlled by us.
At IMCI Group, we are committed to ensuring that all data is secure and remains so at all times, so that personal privacy is protected. To achieve this, we have put together IMCI Privacy Policy that clearly sets out how we collect and process your personal data, for what purposes we use personal data, the legal grounds of processing such data, how we keep data secure and third parties rights in relation to such data.
Please check our (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation Policy in the following link:

Partner and International Business Conference - Milan/Italy, 26.1.-27.1.2018

Over 30 people (Management, BOD, partners, associates, cooperation partners, special guests and clients have met in Milan for discussing business subjects, bench marks and subjects of leadership.

IMCI celebrates iTs 1998-2018 roots

The origins of IMCI starts with the activities of the founder in 1998 as interim manager. In 2004, IMC Integral Management Peña was founded in Berne, Switzerland.
In 2011, IMC became IMC International, starting a network structure with 16 colleagues, mostly interim managers and five business lines.
In 2013, the company has decided to focus on three business (Corporate Finance, Consultancy and Advisory / Coaching.
In 2017, the company started the 2020 vision in becoming a corporate finance conglomerate.

ALERT NEWS IMCI representatives - Project Financing, 2018

It seems that our success has attracted some individuals with dubious motives. It has come to our attention that there are some brokers and individual, pretending to act on behalf of IMCI Group, it appears they are signing contracts, presenting offers and then asking for financial payments. If identified, we will report them to Interpol and law enforcement in their countries of operation. This is criminal misrepresentation, and our legal department will pursue the matter to the full extent of the law wherever such individuals are found. We wish to inform that only the official Principals, Partners and the Senior Management are authorized to act on behalf of IMCI Group, all of whom are all visible on our website. Please double check if not sure.
Further to this only an investment director as well as a member of the senior Management Team is authorized to sign any engagement contract facilitating a financial solution. IMCI never asks money in advance, neither engages in any business, if we have not seen the client at their location of business and evaluated the project. Any business is documented and approved according our General Terms and Code of Conduct which all clients will received from commencement of interaction and signing of NCNDA.

If for some reason, you appear to have entered into any suspicious relationship with somebody pretending to be an official representative of IMCI, kindly send your full documented file to our legal department at

Similar to many much bigger companies, we seem to have become a target, as the Internet and the virtual world, facilitates unlawful activities and defamations.
We will like to emphasize that clear procedures, transparency, actual personal visits, meetings between clients and IMCI partners and our history, offers a guarantee of serious and a reliable service. 

Project Finance in the value of over 200 Mio€ signed, December 2017

Partner Meeting - BOD Meeting - GA Assembly, July 2017 in Lisbon

Lisbon Meeting, 8 july 2017

Several countries and experiences shared a wonderful weekend meeting.

Foundation of IMCI Investments Services, March 2017

IMCI has created ist new company, which will focus mainly on project finance and corporate finance activities.



IMCI Group was shortlisted by Capital Finance International as Global 2016 Best M&A Advisory Group.
We are honored for this and thanks the related readers and jury for their vote.

Awards criteria:
The award selection panel is using a wide range of criteria to help it reach informed decisions regarding the awards, lending the critical eye of a collective 170 years of business journalism, corporate leadership and academia to the exhaustive information gathered by the award body’s own research team. Some of the more important factors taken into consideration are as follows:

  • Shareholder value added
  • Financial performance
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Capabilities of team
  • Negotiation skills
  • Innovation
  • Corporate governance
  • Strengths of nominations

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IMCI Global Summit London, November 2016

Over 20 partners and associates have celebrated the three days Global Summit which takes place every three years.
The BPL 2013-2017 was presented and discussed.
Further the Vision 2020 of new structure.


IMC International becomes IMCI Group International, 2016

We have decided to move our international division from Spain to London.
Further, the Group has created a shareholder structure around partners.