IMCI Advisory & Coaching

IMCI Advisory & Coaching

IMCI Advisory & Coaching

IMCI Advisory & Coaching is a division of IMCI Group specialising in Business Coaching, Interim Management, Trainings, Board Assignments, HRM, Success Management, and Executive Search.

We support clients according to their needs with project or executive interim professionals. Further the corporate leadership as independent directors. In the case the business owner, wants to handle over its business to an internal or external party, IMCI is taking care of the strategy, selection, integration and if requested also of the financing.

The division is managed directly by Nelson M Peña, operating since 1998 as coach, business advisor, executive management consultant and interim manager. Our experts have over 20-30 years’ experience in their related areas. The most important role carried out by a business coach from the IMCI Group is training the managerial staff of the the company, in aspects of leadership competencies, skills, attitude, behaviour and finally in being an effective leader and manager.

The Advisory Approach is based on 360 degrees and tailored according to each individual and organisation, dependent on their requirements and needs, and what is realistic.

The Coaching Approach is based on individual training for Top Managers, who are struggling in aspects of communication. The executive training program on our business coaching courses helps the department of your company to understand the intricacies of the leadership role in aspects of decision making process, information, feedback, communication and stress management.

Leaders and managers are very often solitary in their role and responsibility, facing political and operational challenges for which an external sparring partner and coach can be of incredible help.

Our Consultants are trained and certified, supporting all clients (individually or in teams) to find the appropriate solutions for their needs. Associating all Advisory and Coaching activities with NLP allows our trained Consultants to support all clients (Individuals and teams), in finding appropriate solutions for their needs and situations. Our top of the line services for business coaching in UK and abroad has helped executives and managers, being more effective. This by creating direct value to employers achieving financial and operational stability in a small period. The goal of every business coach from our team is to train executives in effective communication skills with other members of the organization for frictionless daily operation.

IMCI Advisory & Coaching

Services offered

Through our company you have access to highly experienced interim managers and leaders operating in the field, with a minimum of 15 years’ experience.
Reasons for using an interim management?
+ A top level independent executive or project manager, with a track record of quantifiable achievement, avoiding political conflicts.
+ An expert in his field, perceptive, and capable of adapting to new environments, with particular knowledge of Post-Integrations, M&A and Restructuring situations.
+ A possessor of drive and energy, available immediately, with engagement and fully operative within 48 hours.

In summary, you can solve a crisis and urgent need and deliver results without loss of time, with the help of a high level performer.
» Succession Management
About 1/3 of all SME’s are facing issues around succession planning. It is a crucial path, particularly if the client is a business owner, or a family business.

Your business coach and advisor can support you effectively in different ways:
+ Strategically (develop the right strategy and process, adjust, develop the business plan and company presentation).
+ Financially (selling of your business, valuation).
+ Leadership (manages the process, finds or supports the future leader).
» HR Management
IMCI can help all companies in Human Resources Management, including Human Capital, Organisation, Management and Development, Leadership, Restructuring, Management by Objectives Systems, Salary and Incentives Systems, Performance Management, Talent Acquisition, Selection & Development, Lean management, Internal & External Communication, among others.
» Executive Search
The wrong executive at C-Level or at CEO level, can damage your company. A search, identification, valuation and integration of the right executive can become a key success factor. On the other hand, finding the right talent for your organisation can be time consuming, costly and sensitive. That is why IMCI can support you in this process.
» Training
IMCI experienced trainers offer tailored training courses that can help companies, of Training courses that can help companies, departments or teams achieve best results, at management and operational levels.
» Business Coaching / Sparring Partening
IMCI can deliver the following services, amongst others, created specifically for your company:
  • Change and Crisis Management Solutions
  • Restructuring, Layouts, M&A, Post-Integrations
  • Executive support during the Budget or Strategic Development Stage
  • Executive support to the Board through critic decision making situations
  • Mobbing
  • Support in “Cross-Road” situations – Where to go, What to do

The Business Coaching services can be done locally, externally, by phone, during business trips, amongst other innovative ways that will make the difference to your company, and can partially be offered to teams at any operational level.