Corporate Finance Consulting

Corporate Finance Consulting

Organisational success depends heavily on financial management. We at IMCI Group understand that it is very important to plan corporate finance carefully. That is the reason our passionate team works hard to help businesses to achieve their goals and make correct finance decisions. Our experts from corporate finance consulting firm handle strategic options for transactions, strategic growth and turnaround projects, define growth and execute sound corporate finance decisions to help businesses at every stage. That makes us one of the most trusted corporate finance consulting firms.

IMCI Financial Services operates on both clients as well as investor side. We offer all kinds of corporate finance services, funding solutions, and provide you with top fund management services. In every step, we follow the right principle, partner or practice that would add value to your business. At every stage of the business process lifecycle, our role as a consulting firm is to guide you through development, planning, and implementation followed by ongoing support.

Over the years, as a leading finance consulting firm, we have incorporated key players like private equity professionals, asset managers, and investment bankers with proven industrial record of accomplishment. Together, our team has closed over 250 investment deals worth more than 15 Bio. €, worldwide. We have more than ca. 600 advisory assignments in our record. We also handle fund and asset management facilitation.

Our Private Public Programmes

IMCI Group works together with the government and authorities in project financing situations or PPP worth over 5-15 Bio.$. The authorities involved must guarantee assets worth up to ca. 30% (10% cash). IMCI models the operations and takes over the general investment and project management if required. We also create SPVs and Holding for each project in which the government holds a certain stake on it.

Our corporate finance projects involve all the available sources of capital on behalf of our clients, which includes asset-based loans, institutional private placements, and cash flow loans.

Our Corporate Finance Consulting Services

IMCI Group offers the following corporate finance services:

#1: Projects and Deal Assessments

At IMCI, we study and assess a project based on the organisation, its track record, management structure, cost analysis, debt-equity ratio and other parameters. This stage is critical for financial planning as it affects the purchase price for businesses. Our approach is to ensure all the critical factors are considered, and informed decision is taken.

Our experienced financial consultants undertake a customised approach focusing on key risk factors to provide commercial and pragmatic insights for better business rationale. We aim to add a robust capital and financial market lens to your corporate strategy decisions.

#2: Company Valuation Services

Two critical factors add value to the business:

i) Future Profits
ii) Risk factors

To go ahead with these, valuation makes a lot of difference to both the investor and client. At IMCI Group, we deliver deep expertise financial planning, modelling and forecasting, which gives an assurance to our clients that the information underlying business valuation estimates are reliable and accurate.

In addition, IMCI Advisory and Coaching also delivers services to clients, in coaching as well sparring collaborating to help you negotiate processes with the investors. Along with that, the client, advisor, interim managers or coaches can help achieve best results.

#3: Strategic Analysis and Proposals

Today’s economy is uncertain. As such, it makes it quintessential for businesses to have a focused financial analysis and valuation approach. IMCI group emphasises on making accurate strategic analysis and proposal relevant for the key players and decision makers. This specific program is the best practice for evaluating businesses, benchmarking, comparative analysis, and executive a proper strategy.

Through in-depth study of the process, we deliver analytical results for the growth and profitability of your business.

#4: Business Plan Elaboration

IMCI Group improves the efficiency of client’s operations with a balanced approach to the business plan. We create a business plan and focus on increasing revenue while cutting costs. We also help our clients align their business activities to critical priorities and maintain a balance between the long-term and short-term goals. Using the best practices and external benchmarks, we accelerate the growth of your business and increase effectiveness.

#5: Teaser or Executive Summary of the Business

IMCI experts believe in involving our clients at every step of the project. As a result, we provide an executive summary of the business as per our understanding, highlighting the key points. For investors, this is a crucial step to visualise the project and its prospects.

#6: Risk Assessment (Montecarlo Simulation)

With Risk Assessment, our team helps identify various risk drivers of a business. We help business by:

  • Elaborating Free Cash Flow and risk mapping driven by previously assessed factors
  • Project Risk-Return Trade-Off Assessment
  • Value assessment using comparable multiples and DCF

We deploy Standard Valuation to deliver the following:

i) Current value assessment by analyzing financial statements, forecasts and information clients provide
ii) Ensure the information sent by clients is accurate in terms of the market, sector, development stage
iii) Assessment of the value-risk drivers affecting the project/company
iv) Preparing a risk-value map to define the best approach for communication with potential investors
v) Risk-return trade-off assessment to find if the company is underperforming, and why
vi) Value creation planning and presentation
vii) Company value assessment
viii)  Complete valuation report delivery with remarks and recommendations

IMCI Group’s Strategic Valuation helps:

  • Assessing current value by analyzing financial statements, information provided by the client, and forecasts
  • Ensure that client’s information is accurate in terms of sector, market, and stages of development
  • Identify potential value-risks and assess
  • Create a risk-value map and define the best approach for communication
  • Risk-value mapping elaboration
  • Final value assessment depicting present value, and  restructuring opportunity value

#7: Start-Up Advisors and Management

We take the initiative to guide start-ups with our corporate financial planning techniques right from the start. We provide thoughtful and analytical advice to our clients.

#8: Turnaround Advisors and Management

We take charge of providing turnaround advice after studying the scope and nature of the business. Our analytical corporate finance consulting expertise would help your business grow.

#9: Due Diligence

IMCI Group applies forces together with managed expertise to deliver due diligence solutions. The complexity of transactions affect the due diligence factor – a minimum due diligence is the financial/management along with legal audit. Due diligence includes the following areas:

  • Accounting, tax, financial audit, and labour
  • Environmental audit
  • Operations and internal process audit
  • Legal audit
  • Technology audit
  • Market audit
  • Marketing audit
  • Intellectual property audit
  • Information systems audit
  • Insurance audit
  • Reconciliation audit

#10: MBO’s and LBO’s Advisory

We provide MBO’s and LBO’s advisory services to clients seeking corporate financial services. As a recognised finance consulting firm, we aim to deliver tailored services to our clients.

 #11: Lease & Trade Bank Guarantee Program

IMCI Group supports projects by offering 100% finance accomplished by Direct Investment in projects. No restriction is imposed on country, industry or region. However, certain risk factors are considered subject to ECB and FED norms.

Want to know more? Please get in touch with our regional representative by sending some base information. We would be happy to evaluate your business request.

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