Financial Services

IMCI Corporate Finance

Financial Services

Financial Services offer a broad range of solutions of funding sources from $10 Mio., developing the appropriate financial strategies for our clients:

+ Debt Refinancing
+ Short Term & Long Term From US $ 10 Million to US $ 1 Billion
+ Floating of Bonds
+ PIPEs (Private Investments in Public Companies)
+ Recapitalisations
+ Equity buy out
+ Project Financing / Non Recourse Financing
+ Private Equity Funds
+ Provide Passive & Active Equity From US $ 10 Million to US $ 1 Billion +
+ Debt & Working Capital Instruments for expanding business
+ Bank Guarantees (BG) Stand by Letter of Credit (SBLC) & Letter of credit (LC)
+ M&A operations
+ Trade Finance
+ Trading Plattform Access

Funding / Project Finance Programs

+ CD-Collateral Asset Capital Guarantee Funding Programme
One of our consortium partners is an Exclusive Agent for the CD Collateral Asset Capital Guarantee Funding Program.
This option allows the client to increase the Collateral Asset Value on the Company Balance Sheet. Sometimes companies fail to secure the needed funding, when the Balance Sheet is not enticing enough.
This CD Collateral Asset Capital Guarantee Funding Program provides for the Issuance by a recognized international bank, 100% Cash Backed, of a Certificate of Deposit, fully secured and confirmable, with full bank responsibility, listed on DTC or Euroclear, in the name of the client.
The CD is then reflected in the company Balance Sheet to show the underlying assets. The CD is confirmable and verifiable via the lenders bank.
+ CD-Collateral Funding for Project Finance
This opportunity is offered through a top 5 International Bank. CD100% Cash Backed, Certificate of Deposit, fully secured and confirmable, with full bank responsibility, listed on DTC or Euroclear. Ideal for projects lacking the collateral to begin a major project.
This Program offers a secure, proven method to raise a CD with no upper limits for cents on the dollar. It is this the most secure and cost effective method of raising collateral for your projects. The CD is then used as Collateral Backing for any loans or commitments the project owners require. The CD is renewable each year.
+ Major Project Funding Options
This Project Finance Program offers a unique opportunity to fund 90% of total project costs. Provided by a business plan, financial report, and an executive summary, the client needs to show he can provide 10% of the project costs, in order to qualify for this project funding. This program is run in conjunction with internationally recognized bodies. Fully secured by Bank Guarantee.
+ Letter of Credit – Standby Letter of Credit
Through our affiliates, correspondents and partners we support clients with accessing StandByLetters of Credit (SBLC), Letters of Credit (LOC) Import Bills for Collections, Shipping Guarantees, Import Financing, performance bonds, export LC advising, LC safekeeping, LC confirmation, LC checking and negotiation, pre-shipment, export finance, export bills for collections, and invoice financing.
Letters of Credit improves credit worthiness and reduces risk of default. The client can gain access to financing options not previously available. A Letter of Credit can help get lower interest rates and better financing terms.
A Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) is similar in that it is issued by a bank. Rather than directly making the payment at the first instance, the bank guarantees that payment will be made and binding the bank to payment if the holder of the letter does not pay. Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) give assurance that in case of failure of the buyer, the bank will make payment to the seller.
+ Small Business Funding Options
The 20% Deposit Guarantee Business Loan offers a unique option to fund your business without the red tape of a bank loan. Faster, Easier and Cheaper than Bank Finance, with our consortium partners created this product specifically to meet the needs of our clients. It is a very effective funding program. Fully secured with Certificate of Deposit.
+ IMCI Forex Trading
IMCI Group offers direct trading and investment opportunities in strategic and operational cooperation with different partners in Switzerland, Switzerland, UK and New Zealand. Through our partners, we can offer different successful strategies which will be defined with you. Depending on your strategy and motivation.
+ Lease & Trade Bank Guarantee Programme
IMCI Group is able support a 100% project financing accomplished via Direct Investment in the Project. There is no restriction on region, country or industry. However, risk elements must be considered subject to FED and ECB Norms.
+ 'Non-Recourse Finance'
This project funding program is for clients seeking project funding as NON-RECOURSE for qualified project(s) for a one tranche or multiple drawdowns with large contract and multiple or series of tranches.
'Non-Recourse Finance' (Source:
Non-recourse finance is a loan where the lender is only entitled to repayment from the profits of the project the loan is funding, not from other assets of the borrower. These types of projects are characterized by high capital expenditures, long loan periods and uncertain revenue streams. Analyzing non-recourse financing requires a sound knowledge of the underlying technical domain as well as financial modeling skills.
+ Bond Programme
IMCI is offering a very interesting and successful project financing solution through the bond program.
The project will be financed through a stock listed and ranked Bond and can be materialized within 130-180 days, depending on the complexity of the project.
Sovereign Bond Trade Program
Through it’s consortium partners, IMCI Group provides a Guaranteed Access for those clients with Sovereign Debt Instruments, such as Government Bonds. The Program offers a secure and proven method to successfully trade these instruments.
+ PPP Programmes for Governments
Management Services
IMCI Group delivers all kind of Management Sevices to it’s clients, taking advantage of its experience and knowhow, and it’s experts spread all over the world, and partnerships made with best consultants in each country or area.
IMCI can help your company grow sustainably, and improve management in all areas, such as: Communication, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Commercial, etc. Whatever you are looking for, please let us know, and we will provide the best solution at best prices.

Side Capital Services

Private Swiss Trust Banking Accounts
Swiss Precious Metals Trading Platform and Metals Accounts
Offshore Brokerage & Investment Accounts

+ Forex Trading
Forex Trading Marketplace
The forex trading marketplace, as it stands today, is the world’s largest and most liquid market due to a number of factors which include, but are not limited to, ease of performing transactions over the internet, the modern development of travelling, ease of international communication and modern transportation, which have made our world a smaller place.
By making our world a smaller and more global place, this automatically means that people, goods and services can travel faster and more easily. This also means that a necessity of currencies to be traded against each other is needed in order for this to happen. All these factors have determined a growing forex trading marketplace, which will only continue to grow and become more dynamic, liquid and responsive
Why Forex Trading
The Forex market is by far the biggest and the most liquid market in the world with a daily volume of $5.2 trillion USD. ?The market consists of central banks, currency speculators, organizations, governments in addition to international investors and hedge funds that trade in the OTC market. Although the market is the largest financial market in the world, it has generally been inaccessible for private investors as the market has been a domain reserved for financial institutions, corporations and large hedge funds. In contrast to the stock market, the currency market does not trade from a centralized trading place. Instead, the trade takes place in a network consisting of banks, institutions and brokers that are linked by computers in the Electronic Communications Network (ECN). Given that it is a 24-hour market, it can generate significantly more buy and sell opportunities compared to other asset classes which can produce significantly higher returns compared to traditional investments.
The forex market is available 24 hours a day from Sunday evening at 22.00 GMT when the market opens in Sydney to Friday evening at 20.00 GMT when the market closes in New York. At any given moment, currency trading desks in dozens of global financial centers are open and active in the market; as the Asian trading session ends, the European session begins, followed by the North American session and then back to the Asian session, excluding weekends. The Forex market has low correlation to other asset classes which is why is has become increasingly popular to diversify into.
• Low correlation to the equity markets and other asset classes
• High turnover and liquidity allowing for quicker executions
• Trading 24 hours a day 5 days a week
• Low transaction costs
• Opportunity for higher returns than traditional forms of investment such as stocks and mutual funds

Pre-paid Debit Cards
Offshore Legal and Incorporation Services

These services are offered either as a private label or in cooperation with our consortium partners.

Financial Services

IMCI is also offering a wide range of corporate finance services:

+ Projects and deal assessments
+ Company valuation services
The value of any business depends mainly on two things: future profits and the risks associated with such profits. Valuations make the difference, on the client’s and investor’s side.IMCI Group can deliver deep expertise in financial modeling and forecasting which gives the assurance that the information underlying our business valuation estimates is as accurate and reliable as possible.

Further to that, IMCI Advisory and Coaching also can deliver services to the client, in coaching and sparring partnering that will help you in the negotiation process with investors. Side by side, with the client, the advisor, coach or interim managers can help achieve best results during the process.
+ Market study
+ Strategic analysis and proposals
+ Business plan elaboration (according to highest standards required by most rigorous investors).
+ Teaser or executive summary of the business (for investors)
+ Risk assessment (Montecarlo Simulation)
IMCI Group, with this Risk Assessment, helps identify main risk drivers of the business, by:
- elaborating risk mapping and Free Cash Flow driven by previous assessed factors
- assessing Risk-Return Trade off of the project
- assessing Value using DCF and comparable multiples

With the Standard Valuation IMCI Group helps:
I. Assess current value by studying financial statements, forecasts and information provided by the client (including latest audited BS and P&L);
II. Make sure that the information sent by the client is accurate in terms of market, sector and stage of development;
III. Identify and assess value-risk drivers affecting the company / project;
IV. Prepare a risk-value map and helps to define the best communication approach with potential investors;
V. Risk-return trade-off assessment: (Is the company underperforming? Why?)
VI. Work on a value creation plan and presentation;
VII. Assess the fair value of the company but at same time make sure the full potential of the company is well demonstrated in the presentation,
VIII. Deliver a complete Valuation Report with remarks and recommendations

With the Strategic Valuation, IMCI Group helps:
I. Assess current value by studying financial statements, forecasts and information provided by the client (including latest audited BS and P&L),
II. Make sure that the information sent by the client is accurate in terms of market, sector and stage of development,
III. Identify and assess value-risk drivers affecting the company / project,
IV. Prepare a risk-value map and help define the best communication approach with potential investors,
V. Risk-return trade-off assessment: (Is the company underperforming? Why?),
VI. Elaboration of risk-value mapping with value creation plan,
VII. Final value assessment showing present value, restructuring opportunity value, financial opportunity value, strategic opportunity value and synergic value,
VIII. Recommendations for future strategy,
+ Start up advisors and management
+ Turnarround advisors and managment
+ Due dilligence
The Due Diligence is always managed by experts in their respective area. In order to save costs, IMCI Group will apply forces from the region, in combination to experts directly linked to IMCI Group. The extend of the DD is effected based on the complexity of the transaction. A minimum DD is the Financial / Management and Legal audit. Due dilligencies can include several of the following areas:

+ Accounting, tax, labor and financial audit,
+ Environmental audit
+ Operations and Internal Process audit,
+ Legal audit (by a local lawyer),
+ Technology audit (by an Engineer of that sector),
+ Market audit,
+ Marketing audit,
+ Management audit.
+ Information systems audit.
+ Intellectual Property audit
+ Insurance audit
+ Reconciliation audit which links/consolidates the output of the DD with the Valuation Report made during the pre-valuation service. If necessary, the strategy defined during pre-valuation service will be modified and/or updated according to the output of the DD.
+ MBO’s and LBO’s advisory

These corporate finance projects generally involve every available source of capital on behalf of our clients, including asset-based loans, cash flow loans and institutional private placements.

If you want to know more about these services, please contact us at

Making the difference!

Capital Investment Services

Capital Investment Services

IMCI Group delivers Capital Investment services in partnership with Belfort Group, a BENELUX based Asset Management group, with a track record of 30 years’ experience in fully regulated fund and asset management, that currently manages and administrates over 30 Funds.

The IMCI Group Investment Committee is led by a group of Sr. Investment Officers and Industry Gurus.

IMCI Group offers a complete service range for HNI’s (High Net Worth Individual), Corporate Clients, Family Offices and Pension Funds.

We also offer a service for clients looking for alternative investment opportunities.

These services are provided directly or as a private label through strategic partnerships with respective licenses.

What IMCI Capital Investment offers?

IMCI CI offer investment opportunities in cash flow solutions, mainly in two segments:

1. Companies in the need of restructuring and
2. Champions /local or regional market leaders, looking to expand or progress to the next level (80% of our portfolio).

IMCI Group thoroughly researches the company, knows the management, the product and the market they trade in. The investment terms are therefore agreed on an individual basis.

We also focus on investments near to PPP activities and Innovation / energy projects.

IMCI Group guarantees top realisable Due Diligence and a four step pre-scanning approach, before proposing the right investment opportunity.

IMCI Group offers a broad spectrum of investment opportunities in companies, with a local presence and industrial understanding, interesting IRR, shareholder and profit participation in our investment vehicle.

The combination of Investment Banking, Asset Management, Fund Management, Consulting, and Functional Experience reduces the investment risk and maximises the profit.

IMCI Group is looking for a longstanding partnership and collaboration, based on trust, and is able to create perfectly tailored sub funds.

IMCI Group Industrial focus is:
Automotive, FMCG & Retail, Healthcare & Biotech, Luxury Goods, Pharmaceutics, Energy & Renewable Energies / Bioenergy. High Tech, Real Estate, Hospitality and Industry.

If requested by the investor we are able to set up any investment vehicle tailored to the given expectations.
IMCI has a high professional and experienced team of Investment bankers, PE and asset managers. The investment decisions are taken based on field research and with industrial and regional benchmarks.

Segment focus

+ Restructuring (45-50%)
Companies with a turn-over of 10 Mio., > existence/age 5 years plus, with good substance, needing finance, best case with operational consulting and or interim management. MBO candidates.
+ Expansion (40-45%)
Companies with a turn-over of 10 Mio >, niche or local, regional leaders, looking to expand their business in new regions and markets. Need of capital, business development. M&A
+ Innovation (5-15%)
Companies with a strong innovation USP, Patents, high potentials, exclusive.

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