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IMCI Interim Management Consultant

Businesses often face situations when there is a need for a proficient business leader or top-management personnel to take strategic decisions. If your business recognizes the need of resources to manage extraordinary situations and the present resources seem inadequate, we are here to solve this for you. IMCI Group’s interim management service is based on the vision to take businesses a step forward in the goals even in the toughest times. With a wide network of global and experienced C-Level executives, you need not bother about your business plans facing execution issues.

If you feel that a considerable change in operations is necessary to boost your business and find lack of resources, trust IMCI Group’s professional interim management solutions. Our interim managers contribute to your business strategically. As experienced management consultants, we work proactively to deliver interim solutions to businesses and ensure that there is no de-growth.

Our highly skilled interim managers and consultants provide an immediate support with commendable management skills. Our interim consultants help stabilize businesses in challenging times with correct business decisions for sudden unexpected changes. We deliver long-term value to businesses through our interim management experience.

Our Interim Management Approach

IMCI Group takes a unique and refreshingly different approach to Interim Management. Our diverse background coupled with business experiences of our interim consultants provides a strong base to deliver quality services. We adopt a proactive approach with clients and help them identify circumstances during a short-term interim appointment.

The Concept of Interim Management

An interim management consultant is primarily responsible for providing temporary top and middle management resources with business expertise. Such resources are also called interim managers. We typically have a team of experienced business leaders who can manage a business through a drastic period of transformation or change. You can also reply on interim managers for filling a vacant role in a critical position to save the business form crisis.

IMCI’s management consultants are here to provide an interim or temporary solution when a permanent position holder cannot be found immediately.

In which cases you should engage an interim manager

The need for interim management is often identified by the business owners, the board or the CEO, recognizing that the organization needs to quickly handle a situation of extraordinary character, when the existing management resources are not sufficient or appropriate. This can apply to quickly filling a critical vacant role, an urgent need to bring in expertise to improve a function or business unit or when a company is facing a very serious crisis.

We are observing that often new sr. managers, do not take any hurting decisions within the first 3-5 months of their incorporation. A further observation is that Sr. Managers are balancing their decisions with the effects for their careers and position. Very often it is about power, prestige, reputation, but also political pressure from the board and shareholders.

In particular cases, like a post-integration after a M/A operation, a top interim manager is the best solution to guarantee the integration of a new division or company, into a buyer structure. Or in the case that the M&A operation is run by a Private Equity firm, an executive interim manager can be the perfect battle horse.

The interim CEO or executive manager, works like a well trained and experienced marine.

He is usually able to identify the SWOTS of a situation within 72 hours and then start with the focus on delivering his mission. In milestones and every day accountable. In the first five days they've got to define objectives, build relationships, become part of the “culture”.

A top professional Interim Manager is a huge enrichment for a company or a management team. He has absorbed the experience of many company lives and situations, which in most cases, people only read in books. Particularly international experienced Interim Managers are very precious, because they have learned to respect the given culture and to deal with the resources given. They are truly maximizer.

The assignment of an executive management consultant and the successful development in the mission, requests that the business owner, the CEO or the Board is fully transparent on the conditions and causes for the mission. The Interim Manager, must receive trust and once he has agreed on the road map with the client, he should be able to start and go. He will pay back this trust with loyalty and measurable results.

We do also see, that sometimes the Interim Manager is doing the “delicate job” for the CEO or the Chairman. He becomes very quickly a trust person and non-rarely a sparring partner, as he has no political and power driver behind his efforts.

There is a common question in the air. What is the difference between a Management Consultant and an Interim Manager? We would say that Management Consultant does focus on a given methodology, analysis and recommendations. The Interim Manager is also able to do this, however he will go for the extra mile. He will focus on anchoring, implementation and results.

Interim Management – A Timely Solution

Interim management service is a prompt solution to most of the problems that may arise all of a sudden. Issues with management, finance, advisory etc. can be solved immediately with the help of interim management consultation. In addition, IMCI Group gives you the following benefits:

  • Top level independent management executive/project manager with proven track record of quantifiable achievement to avoid conflicts in organizations
  • Expert advice in the field of management with knowledge of M&A, Restructuring, and Post-Integrations
  • Adaptable to new and changing environments
  • Fully operative and equipped services interim managers within 48 hours

Benefits of Hiring Interim Management Consultants

  • Availability: Interim management consultant team is always available to start immediately with minimum recruitment formalities.
  • Experience: Our management consultants are qualified for their respective roles and can operate autonomously with little guidance.
  • Latest Thinking: We go with the flow and adapt to changes in business principles. We go by the latest trends in business and keep the overall goal of your organisation in mind.
  • Result: You can count on our performance and record of accomplishment. We know how to deliver.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Our wealth is our experienced team with knowledge and superb network world-wide that can be transformed to the fully-functional team of experts.
  • Independent Eye: We pay respect to the ethos of companies. We ensure that there are no constraints on company politics, protocols or personalities. Hence, it is always possible to start afresh with clarity and objectivity.
  • Access to Top Management: We act as advisors to the organization and ensure strategic delivery.

Interim Recruitment

IMCI Group also provides interim recruitment services. We deliberate upon finding suitable and qualified management professionals to start any project quickly. We understand that it is important for companies to give more time to failing projects, get extra support and deploy a business-critical program.

Our role is to make sure that our interim professionals have strong assignment completion rate equipped with independent views and fresh thinking. We ensure that our team can lead your business through turnaround, transformation,and change.

We Work Under Circumstances Like:

Periods of change or transition within an organization such as:

  • Restructuring
  • Acquisition
  • Privatization
  • Closure
  • Start-Up
  • The sudden departure of a senior executive

During the crisis of businesses wherein, a business has to introduce a new capacity or take a fresh approach

We stabilize businesses and help a company refocus so that it can move forward in times to come.

Why Do You Need Us?

Our interim management delivers a flexible addition to the workforce along with the responsibility for specific roles to implement tasks and deliver substantial results. We provide:

  • An additional specialist internal resource for businesses
  • Bring fresh perspective and objectivity to tasks
  • Bridge gap the moment a key player leaves the company until a fresh candidate is recruited
  • Deliver specialist key skill sets, experience, and knowledge
  • Attract high calibre and qualified candidates who enjoy the work-life balance of interim assignments
  • Meet short-term goals

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