International Project Financial Management

International Project Financial Management

Capital Projects always need support from experts for varied aspects like operations, governance, management, and most importantly, financing. For different stakeholders of any project, be it CEO, CFO, fund managers, investors, company’s shareholders, etc., seeking an unbiased view is important. The best thing in such a scenario is to trust an expert project finance management advisor, who is best-positioned to keep the interest of all stakeholders including the top management.

A robust project financial management is critical to the success of the project. When businesses with a track record of 3-4 years require capital for growth or seek project finance support, IMCI steps in. We specialise in project finance international advisory services. To navigate a way through conflicting interests, to mitigate risks as well as to make the most of strategic opportunities, you can count on us. What make effective project finance management essential is the regular bottlenecks that impact its success. Besides, we can even collaborate with government authorities for USD 5-15 Bio Project size. In such a case, the public authorities must guarantee 20%-30% of the ca out of which 10% is in cash.

IMCI Group can also offer 100% direct investment in the project without any restriction to industry, country, and region. However, this is exposed to risks of ECB Norms and FED.

When Do You Need a Project Finance Advisor?

Most of the projects fail due to common project failure reasons listed below:

  • Inaccurate financial records
  • Project delays
  • Unrealistic project terms
  • Disputes
  • Lack of alignment between funds and plans
  • Compliance issues
  • Insufficient resources
  • Complex process/systems

How Can IMCI Help?

IMCIs highly proficient professionals work closely with your business team to review your existing capital project process and focus on critical aspects of financing, performance assessment, right allocation of available resources for optimum reporting and results and ways to prevent delays and waste of resources. Our practical advice with deep drawn experience and sector expertise along with local understanding are best to leverage some of the best project financial management sources listed below.

Prime Project Funding Options

  • 90% Project Finance Secured by BG: This is a unique opportunity wherein business needs to take the ownership of funding 10% of the project with owned resources/capital and get 90% of the estimated project cost from internationally recognised financial institutions. We study the project, prepare the necessary business plan, financial reports and present the same to obtain the same for your organisation.
  • PPP Financing: This project funding model is a perfect choice for public infrastructure projects like power plants, airports, telecommunications, etc. Government bodies (at local/state/national level) become the public partner in this case. In such a case, the public authorities must guarantee 30% of the ca out of which 10% is in cash. This is done by creating a SPV for every project where the government holds 30% share. IMCI Group would take over the project management, investment, and project performance, if needed.
  • CD-Collateral Asset Capital Guarantee Funding Programme: With IMCI project finance international services, you have an easy access to CD Collateral Asset Capital Guarantee Funding Program is a fully-secured (backed by Certificate of Deposit) funding available for a renowned international bank.
  • CD-Collateral Funding for Project Finance: This is an ideal source of finance for projects that lack collateral, but need funding backed by renewable Certificate of Deposit. It is available through one of the top 5 international banks listed on Euroclear or DTC. It is a preferred source with no upper cap on the amount sanctioned and is cost-effective, quick and secured.
  • LCs/BGs and SBLCs: With the help of a wide-spread network of affiliates, partners, and correspondents, we offer services like Shipping Guarantee, Standby Letters of Credit, to make the project management smooth. Apart from that, we also support the projects by arranging working capital through Line of Credit, Import bill collections, Import financing, invoice financing as well as pre-shipment and post-shipment finance.
       - LCs reduce the default risk and add to the creditworthiness of the business. Moreover, the cost of borrowing is comparatively lower than fund-based financing options.
       - SBLCs offer an assurance that if a buyer does not pay; the bank would make payment to the seller, which too adds to the reliability of the organisation.
  • Small Business Project Funding: This is a fast and cheap bank finance option with 20% deposit guarantee. This is a product specifically available for IMCI Group customers through our consortium banker for meeting our requirements.
  • Structured Finance Program: We would go through your application file, business plan as well as project documents and present the same to our investment syndicate to tailor-make a finance program befitting finance requirements of your business projects. We do not act as fund-raisers or brokers but carry out financial modelling from the USD 200 Bio ca. Our valuation team specialises in valuing assets. The facility would come with debt covenants. 

We make access to financing options available for a wide spectrum of businesses and coach the top project financial management to make the most of future cash flows to ensure sustainable growth.

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