Mergers and Acquisition for Companies

Mergers and Acquisition for Companies

If you are a business champion and want to progress by expanding business across new geographies, markets or regions, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is one of the many options. These two strategies are amongst the most complex yet popular ways for a company aiming at growth and expansion. Right implementation of strategies during a merger or acquisition can help all the participating companies and stakeholders grow symbiotically. It is best to have a third-party professional M&A advisory board to govern the entire process of the merger and acquisition for companies so that it can be carried out in an unbiased and value-enhancing manner.

To maximise the success and have minimum risk, IMCI Group is your right strategic partner/advisor for M&A planning and implementation. M&A Advisory is one of the many 'Corporate Finance' services that we offer. M & A Decisions are tricky as the right integration can take a business to the next level, while a wrong one can have totally devastating repercussions.

Mergers and acquisitions for companies need strategic planning and dissecting the long-process into easy to implement steps. They also need a complete checklist of parameters customised according to the needs and size of the participants to prevent the possibility of a legal or financial loophole.

IMCI Group has an expertise in handling medium to large-scale mergers as well as acquisitions for its clients globally. Our M&A strategies, customisable solutions and forward-thinking staff have allowed us to provide similar professional business solutions on a global scale. Our one-stop business expansion solution also includes a provision for corporate restructuring, corporate financial strategies, business advisory, as well as coaching.

Our M&A Advisory Services

Our service include but are not restricted to advisory services for corporate mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures and business alliances.


Why IMCI Group?

The game-changing benefit offered by the services of IMCI Group lies in the fact that we provide a complete solution personalised according to the participants’ needs for the merger/acquisition. From stage A to stage Z, we deliver the necessary expertise and let our experience percolate down the management for effective results. We guide you through the entire process by making technical, legal and financial terms easy for the management to understand.

Having a proactive approach towards the possible areas of loopholes and obstacles, our experience lets us envision the process to take the right direction. We understand that time can be a big constraint in such processes, and this is where the professional team steps in to gel the process for a smoother transition.

We also help the participating companies align their goals in one common direction to establish a mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship that works as a win-win situation for all. The customisable process followed by our M&A advisory board helps us identify and tackle niche cases with ease to provide an effective solution for all the participants.

A Strategically Planned Approach

Our strategic approach couples the benefits of a standardised and customised approach to provide just the right amount of balance for a coherent strategy. The experts on our team analyse the infrastructure of finance, human resources, legal resources, as well as customers and competitors of the participants to come up with the perfect plan with the maximum possible return. The critical steps on our checklist of items include:

  • Correctly Aligning the Portfolios
  • Organising the Business’s Operational Parameters
  • Hiring the right human resources for leadership
  • Handling the corporate finance for the deal
  • Analysing and testing the mergers and acquisitions

Globally Recognised Solutions

IMCI Group was shortlisted for nomination as the “Best International M&A Advisory Partner – Global 2016” by Capital Finance International. IMCI Group excels in the following parameters which are a must-have for any Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor.

  • Performing Shareholder Value Analysis to Determine The Organisation’s Financial Value
  • Doing In-depth Financial Performance for Creating the Right Synergy
  • Working Out Affordability of the Program
  • Finding the Right Solution to Problem Areas
  • Having a Credible and Reliable Team That You Can Count On for End to End M&A Operations
  • Excellent Skills for Deal Negotiation and Valuation
  • Meticulous Planning and Structured Approach towards Problem Statements
  • Excellent Corporate Governance

Cohesive Implementation

After curating the perfect plan for the merger or acquisition, our team works towards its flawless execution. Services that we offer include:

  • Deal Structuring
  • End-to-End Due Diligence
  • Analysis of Teamwork and Extrapolation of Results
  • Human Resource and Corporate Restructuring
  • Support for Bid and Negotiation Tactics
  • Complete Financial Strategy
  • IPO Launch Services

The main tasks on our list of execution include an advisory role on the distribution of stock to investors, financial security management, underwriting for securities and maintaining as well as uplifting of previously issued securities.

Handling Businesses for Sale

At the M&A advisory & strategy board, we also help businesses for sale by providing the following services.

  • Complete Business Valuation: The business valuation service helps you assess the right amount of stock as well as finance that you should get for your business on its sale. It helps you get the best deal for the efforts that you have put into the business over the years. The right investment for the client as well as the investor depends on the prospecting aspect wherein we correctly analyse the potential of the business to grow and reap returns over time.
  • Due Diligence: The due diligence services include preparation for all types of worst-case scenarios for the business. The services for due diligence cover all the major operational parameters for a holistic M&A strategy including an audit for accounting, tax, environmental, market, marketing, operations, internal processes, technology, legal, insurance, reconciliation, information systems, etc. We lay special emphasis on the legal strategies and path for the acquisition during international purchases that includes clash of one or more national governmental policies.
  • Sales Preparation: The sales preparation service includes prospecting for potential buyers and deals. It also includes preparation of a memorandum as well as a sales pitch and playbook for effective closure before the given deadline. The service also takes care of the financial bid as well as negotiation services for large sums of cash and stock involved in the acquisition of the company.

Resolution of Transactional Issues:

We also help you see through the process of the transaction to prevent any kind of financial mishap.

A one-stop solution for the sale of business, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, corporate restructuring as well as support for IPO and legal matters makes hiring IMCI Group a wise choice for the business.

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