Working Capital Finance

Working Capital Finance

Liquidity and working capital finance are the life-lines of any growing business. The ease, with which you can access it, can make or break a business. To stay competitive and to obtain funds to run your business smoothly, it is important to identify the right instruments that can free up your invested capital to unlock the real potential of your investment in business. The unstable market conditions and not-so-easy credit availability has made effective working capital management and finance all the more difficult, but necessary. This is exactly where we are able to help.

Whether you need short-term funds or long-term finance, we can suggest you solutions that fit your business requirements from US $ 10 Million to over US $ 1 Billion. The finance is made available to businesses that need additional capital to expand, develop or diversify their operations.

Having a strong network with banks across the globe and tie-ups for working capital facilities, your business gets access to the required funds depending upon the size of business and purpose for which the funds are used.

IMCI Group’s Working Capital Finance Services

We believe that businesses need to optimize their cash flow and maximize the shareholder value. Further, if your organization needs a balance between arranging funds for working capital and boosting optimum profitability, we can do so with a coordinated, constructive and collaborative approach.

Our working capital finance advisory services aim at converting excess business capital to cash with the help of in-depth financial analysis. Besides, IMCI Group has access to over 200 Billion US$. We offer and model financial solutions tailor-made to meet your working capital requirements to efficiently optimize your business liquidity. We have been partners to effective working capital finance and management for many business organizations across varied industries.

The combination of corporate financing including working capital finance has made us a reliable financial advisory group over the years. For sustainable and significant improvement in working capital finance, your business might need a variety of working capital instruments which are perfect to improve the financial performance. With our financial modelling services, your business gets the life it needs.

We Are Specialists at Raising Funds Through

  • Bank Guarantees
  • Letter of Credit/SBLCs
  • Small Business Finance
  • Lease and Trade Credit
  • Revolving credit facilities
  • Bond Programs
  • Other Debt/Working Capital Instruments

As finance consultants, we closely work with businesses across a wide spectrum i.e. from expanding to the ones in distressed financial situations. We identify the trigger points that in your business that are eating up the working capital in an ineffective manner.

We support the business agenda of smooth working capital finance by offering the required finance available through different financial models. By understanding the right quantum of operating capital that the business needs, we ensure improvement in business performance.

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